Fearless Rep. Peter King Holds Hearings On Islamic Radicalism In The Military

Fellow Infidels,

Representative Peter King had his fourth hearing on Islamic radicalism today.  Today’s hearing was focused on radicalism in the U.S. military. King recored a preview about the hearing:

Robert Spencer over at Jihad Watch wrote a piece about Rep. King’s hearing today and you can read it here.  Spencer is correct to point out that Muslims want special treatment.  Here is an excerpt from his blog entry:

Muslim advocacy groups want a double standard in favor of Islam. If there had been a mass-casualty attack by a “Pastafarian” soldier quoting Pastafarian scripture to kill for the Flying Spaghetti Monster, there would be hearings and inquiries. If there had been more than one Pastafarians who killed or tried to kill fellow soldiers, there would be all the more urgent hearings and inquiries, no questions asked. Detecting a pattern and calling attention to it would not be equated with “hate” (almost never “hatred,” for whatever reason, but “hate”).

We need to let Rep. King know that we appreciate him.  He has faced death threats from the “Religion of Peace” for merely holding hearings to get to the bottom of the radicalization problem.  He needs to know we stand by him, so please take a minute to give him a call and thank him.  The phone number for his Washington office is:202-225-7896.

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