Afghan Woman Jailed For The “Crime” Of Being Raped

Fellow Infidels,

There are so many outrageous stories that come out of Islamic countries, but this one has to be right up there in the top 10.

This poor woman, Gulnaz, was raped in her home by her cousin’s husband, but yet SHE was charged with adultery.  To top it all off SHE had to go to jail. At least her filthy, Islamic attacker also had to.  That is not the end of it.  She was pregnant with his child and was sentenced to 12 years in prison for her “heinous” crime.  The child, a girl, was born in the prison and Gulnaz is raising her there.To add insult to injury, to get out of this mess she will have to agree to marry her rapist. Outrageous. No wonder we have so many people coming out of these backwards cultures willing to blow themselves up.  They have no hope whatsoever.

Is this what liberal women and men want for our country?  It certainly seems that way.  Where are the American “feminists?” These people are hell-bent upon destroying our country and making the United States a “multicultural Paradise” by allowing Sharia law to infiltrate our country. Only their Paradise is Islamic Hell.

I will let you come to your own conclusions.

Until next time,



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