Islam Should Not Be Classified As A Religion

Islam is not a religion, but should be classified as the hybrid religio-socio-political belief system it is, according to Rebecca Bynum, author of the new book, “Allah is Dead: Why Islam is Not a Religion.” Bynum addressed the Jonesboro chapter of ACT! For America last Thursday night.
Some may consider the title of the book provocative, but Bynum is not fearful. She is a “velvet brick” in the fight against radical Islam, and says that her faith is what gives her courage. 9-11 was the turning point for her, she noted. At that time she knew little about Islam or the motivations of the terrorists.
Since then, she has become educated about Islam, and has a plan to stop it from infiltrating our culture. In any war – and this is a cultural war – the first step is to identify one’s enemy. Bynum has stripped away the veneer of “religion” and names Islam for what it is – an immoral and brutal totalitarian system that seeks to control the smallest details of its adherent’s lives.
Muslims will never be convinced of this fact, but we do not have to convince them of anything, according to Bynum. However, non-Muslims do not have to accept the idea that Islam is a religion at face value, she pointed out.
The West can take advantage of the Muslim tendency to fight among themselves, she said. Islam has no concept of the nation-state, and thus is unable to command loyalty from the many different tribes of Muslims.
Bynum notes that we spend billions of dollars and thousands of lives to stop them from engaging in tribal warfare. However, it may be a better strategy to allow them to fight it out themselves without interference. She also pointed out that it would be wise to contain Islam as best as possible. For instance, she said that Muslim immigration to the U.S. should be limited, and Western technology, including medicine and weaponry, should be withheld.
As for energy concerns, Bynum said that “we should have like a Manhattan Project to develop or discover alternative energy.”
A lot of the critics of Islam want to limit their criticism to political Islam or Sharia law, but that assumes there is a religious Islam that is ok and this is untrue, Bynum stressed. “We would be fighting a lie with a half-truth,” she said of this approach.
The only thing one can say about Islam is that it is a false religion founded by someone who pretended to be a prophet in order to gain control over people, Bynum said.
Asked about the “blasphemy” resolution that the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) is trying to push through the U.N., Bynum said that she would hope that it would have no effect on the First Amendment, though. “We have to maintain our national sovereignty at all costs,” she added.
In her book, Bynum talks about Islam being concerned with the material world and the group as opposed to the spiritual and the individual. She noted that while the focus on the collective is reminiscent of communism, the difference is that in communism God is banished; in Islam, Islam itself is a substitute for God.
Prayer is not personal in Islam as it is in Christianity. It is ritualized and stilted. Everyone prays at the same time, in the same direction, saying the same words. Also, Bynum noted, in Islam, God is malevolent and is completely unknowable. In contrast, Christians believe in a loving Father whom we have a personal relationship with.
Additionally, she pointed out that Islam is an immoral, evil religion. It was built on the lie that Mohammed was a prophet as opposed to a man who wanted to control people. Basically, she said, Islam venerates an evil man.
Islam is a complete system of slavery. Bynum pointed out that it enslaves the mind, spirit, and individuality (through face coverings for women). “We can’t allow this to happen to our daughters,” she concluded.

Amen and Amen.
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