ASU Herald Fooled By Islamic Taqqyia?

Fellow Infidels,

Surfing the web earlier this week, I read an editorial by a Saudi student at Arkansas State University.  The title of the article was  “Muslim Student Reflects On Tragedy.”  The student either does not know his religion very well and is very naive, or he is practicing what is called “taqqyia.”  Taqqyia is “deception of the infidel”  or “lying for the sake of Allah.”  Devout Muslims are allowed to deceive infidels for the purpose of promoting Islam.

NOTE: Constantine was on the Paul Harrell show today and read the letter on the air.  Here is the link to the audio of today’s show.  The Constantine segment starts at 4:30 p.m.

This student may very well be naive.  There is no way to tell if he is deluding himself or if he is trying to paint a false picture of Islam, by portraying it as a peaceful and beautiful religion.

Right out of the gate he is deceptive.  Islam means “submission.”  The only way it means peace is if the people the Muslims are trying to subjugate  submit to their violent and bloody demands.

His next statement, “Muslims are brought up on morals and beliefs to do good to others and not spread harm, no matter what your religious background is,”leaves me STUNNED. Has this student been living in a cave?  For 1,400 years Islam has been spread by the sword.  In one day, its founder, Mohammed, had 800 Jewish men and boys beheaded.  Sounds like spreading harm to me.

Next, he states, “All Muslims are raised to follow in the footsteps of the Prophet Muhammad.”  Mohammed is considered the prototype of the perfect man. This explains a lot.  Mohammed married Aisha when she was 6 and consummated the marriage when she was 9.  So, the perfect Muslim man must follow in the footsteps of Mohammed and must rape little girls and behead Jews.  This is why Muslims behead people and marry little girls.  If anyone points out these OBVIOUS TRUTHS Muslims go nuts.  Truth is the new hate speech, you know.

The next statement is so blatantly untrue, I don’t see how he wrote it with a straight face.  He wrote, “The prophet said that all men, including women, are equal in Islam.”  Hmmm…very interesting, considering his female relatives can’t drive in his home country.  Under Islamic law, a woman’s testimony is only half that of a male’s testimony.  An Islamic woman who is raped has to produce four male witnesses to the rape, or else she can (and probably will) be stoned to death for engaging in sexual relations outside marriage.  Her death is to satisfy some 7th century notion of  the “honor” of males in her family.

Additionally, he made the following statement:

Living in the Bible Belt for the past three years and befriending many devoted Christians here on campus, I’ve learned that Islam and Christianity have a lot in common.Both religions preach values and morals, stressing that violence is never the answer.

Sorry, but Christianity and Islam do NOT have a lot in common.  Islam is not even a religion…it is a brutal, totalitarian political system that masquerades as a religion.  It makes life a living Hell for people who have to live under its thumb.

This student may really be naive, but if he is a college student, that theory is hard to swallow.  The ASU Herald should allow a rebuttal of this article, but that would not fit in with their Politically Correct mission.

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