Rape – The Vicious Tactic of Jihad

Fellow infidels,

Constantine addresses the issue of rape by Muslim gangs.  Burkasrugly

From Somalia in the south to Stockholm in the north, from Lahore in the east to London in the west, there is a tremendous resurgence of rapes carried out by gangs of radical Muslim men. Rape has always been a tool of Islamic subjugation. This started and was
sanctioned by none other than Mohammed. The sadistic prophet of Islam watched one day while 800 Jewish men were brutally beheaded simply because they refused to convert to Islam. Their daughters and wives became the  property of their Islamic conquerors to be used as concubines or  sex slaves. That very night we are told Mohammed drenched
in the blood of  Jewish males forced himself on a Jewish woman who had earlier watched her  husband’s head severed from his body. What a wonderful wedding present ! First you are forced to watch the decapitation of your husband and then  you are raped a few hours later by the head boar himself, Mohammed.

Rape was started, endorsed and sanctified by the psychotic prophet. And his followers are still at it today. We are told by reliable sources that 90% of the rapes in Scandinavia are committed by gangs of radical young  Muslim men. Last week there was a young 14-year-old girl in Norway who committed suicide because several months before she had been gang raped by a group of Muslim monsters. She was not able to deal with the depression and unfortunately took her own life. I truly feel sorry for her parents and pray for them
every day.

In Pakistan recently a new low was set. A gang of adult Muslim men raped a 2-year-old baby girl. WHY ?Her Christian parents had refused to convert to Islam. The parents needed to be shown the error of their ways and thus, these real Muslim men violated and raped this infant. These guys are real hunks of excrement, probably of the porcine

Rape is first and foremost about power ! In the setting of Islam it is about the right of Muslim men to dominate the bodies and ultimately the spirits of women. If you
dominate the bodies of women you will  also break their spirits. Western women are raped by these beasts because they don’t wear canvass coffins a.k.a burkas. They are raped to “teach them a lesson”. They are raped because they are infidels. They are  raped because “they deserve it”. In short, the woman is always at fault and “justice” is administered by vigilante mobs of Muslims.

The National Organization of Women (NOW) can no longer ignore these crimes against
females. NOW must now speak up or forever surrender any claims to be concerned about the first human right of all women – the right not to be raped.

In hoc signo,



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