Better Dead Than Fed

Fellow infidels,

Constantine highlights  a very serious situation in Somalia.  Muslims don’t even care about their own. Burkasrugly

Starving child in hospital. Muslims won't let infidels donate food and water

Al-Shabaab, the Al-Quaeda affiliate in Somalia, is up to its nefarious activities again. Somalia is probably the poorest and most violent country in all of Africa. On a continent noted for extreme poverty and prevalent blood shed that is saying  a great deal ! Now Somalia, a failed nation-state is ruled by warlords, not exactly conducive to a booming economy.

Scenes like this are common in Somalia where Muslims dominate

Somalia is being wracked by a terrible famine. The first to die are the very old and the very young. Yet Al-Shabaab will not let Western aid agencies distribute life saving food and water to the people of Somalia. One mother reportedly buried all four of her children in one 24 hour period. Tens of thousands are in immediate danger of starvation unless they are quickly reached by massive quantities of international aid.

This little boy will be lucky to have one meal a day

Al-Shabaab is perfectly content to allow hundreds of thousands to die agonizing slow deaths rather allow them to have food donated by infidels. The irony is that the population of Somalia is 99% Muslim.

This human skeleton is a poster child for how Somali Muslims care for their children

More Muslims brutally and  unnecessarily killing other Muslims. But as the West Point Center on Terrorism points out, since 9/11 over 85% of all the deaths in this war have been Muslims
killed by other Muslims. I guess they believe it is the will of allah, that brutal, barbaric, blood thirsty pretender to godhood and his wonderful illiterate, savage prophet Mohammed.

A picture is worth a thousand words

If Muslims treat their own children like this, how will they treat our children?

Enough is enough! Put aside Sharia and feed hungry babies and children. Do the work of the real God by feeding the hungry and giving drink to the thirsty as Jesus commanded.

In hoc signo,



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