Silly Radical Muslims, The New Media Is For Infidels

Fellow Infidels,

Radical Muslims think they are so big and bad that they can’t be touched.  True, they have pretty well wreaked havoc everywhere they have been. In addition to violence, Islam has been spread by today’s technology, including the new media.  Ah, but not so fast, oh bearded ones….technology is a two-edged sword.  Infidels know how to use this newfangled technology, too.  And so do some Muslim women who are tired of being treated like dirt.

A Human Events article entitled “Muslim Women Using Pop Culture and Social Media Technology To Effect Change” is encouraging for everyone who is disgusted at the way women are treated in some Muslim countries.  Here is an excerpt from the article:

Yet  Muslim women are continuing to quietly, and courageously, work to truly  unclench fists.  These first-wave feminists are the real deal, unlike  our modern-day lefty feminists.  They aren’t burning bras.  They are  burning up the Internet, on sites like YouTube, as well as satellite  television, enabling Muslim women around the globe to watch other Muslim  women fighting back.  Women in Egypt are using the Internet and newspapers to demand rights and equality.   There is power in numbers and there is power in seeing, with your own  eyes, other women fighting to break the shackles of oppression.  There  is strength found in knowing that you are not alone.

There is no outcry from women’s groups in America.  Does this mean that Left-wing women don’t care about Muslim women?

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