Fr. Zakaria Botros: Islamc Texts Say Mohammed Was Sexual Pervert

Fellow Infidels,

If you thought Mohammed was just a pedophile and a misogynistic bastard, you should know that this is only the tip of the iceberg.  Fr. Zakaria Botros, a Coptic (Christian) priest from Egypt, reveals some of the prophet’s lesser-known deviant behavior – all documented, according to Botros, in Islam’s own books.  The good priest is understandably embarrassed by the vile nature and habits of Mohammed (who is touted as the prototype of the perfect man by Muslims).

Fr. Botros exposes Mohammed’s sexual perversion

For instance, did you know that “Mo” was a necrophiliac?  Fr. Botros merely uses Islam’s own texts to point out the hypocrisy of Islam. The following excerpt comes from a story by  Raymond Ibrahim called “The Perverse Sexual Habits of the Prophet”:

“It was late in the night, yet Fr Botros was not done cataloging his findings regarding the prophet’s “sexual” habits (these shows are an hour and a half long). So, when he moved on to a hadith depicting Muhammad lying next to a dead woman in her grave, as well as pointing to hadith categories called “intercourse with a dead woman,” I happily turned off the satellite and called it a night—till this moment, as I am (somewhat reluctantly) revisiting my notes to prepare this report.”

You can find the link to the entire story here.

You will be absolutely disgusted when reading about the exploits of this “holy” man, Mohammed.   Muslims are outraged at Fr. Botros, as evidenced by the $60 million bounty on his head – from the “Religion of Peace.”  He is feared throughout the Muslim world because he documents everything he states with Islamic holy texts.  Most Muslims just follow blindly the teachings of Mohammed, without taking time to research and find out whom he actually was and how he lived his life.  He is taking them to Hell with him.

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