Geert Wilders Scores Another Win For The West

Fellow Infidels,

We really need to be supporting freedom fighters like Geert Wilders.  He is our proxy for fighting radical Islam.  (What other kind of Islam is there?)

Geert Wilders, defender of Western Civilization

Even after Mr. Wilders was acquitted of “inciting hatred” of Muslims, he is still being harassed by the monster that won’t go away. Apparently, the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) issued a statement that strongly condemned what they called the “continued attacks on Islam and insults and  vilification of the Prophet Muhammad and his wives by the  extremist Dutch right-wing politician Geert Wilders.”  They just don’t “get it” that we love our freedom and will not give it up to a culture that is backwards and ignorant.  Period.

Wilders asked the Dutch Prime Minister to disassociate himself from the OIC statements, and guess what?  He DID.   The official answer to Wilders was delivered by Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs, Uri Rosenthal who said:

“The Dutch government dissociates itself fully from the request to silence a politician. The Netherlands have a very high regard of freedom of speech.” You can read more on this story at Atlas Shrugs.

So, for standing up for freedom of speech, human rights, and Western Civilization, Mr. Wilders is called an “extremist.” I suppose a Muslim who straps bombs onto a mentally challenged person and sends them to their death is a sweet and innocent baby, no doubt???  At least this time, Wilders is SUPPORTED by his government against the REAL extremists.

In this world, right is wrong, and wrong is right anymore.  But, the tide seems to be turning.  Geert Wilders WAS acquitted, and his government did seem to support him, but he should not have even been tried on this ridiculous charge in the first place.

If you believe in freedom and Western Civilization, please stand with Geert and people like him who are on the front lines.  Remember, they are fighting for us.

Until next time,


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