A Great Website!

Fellow Infidels,

Constantine has stumbled upon a great website for your reading pleasure. 


Constantine is not easily impressed, but today he found a new website called History of Jihad. Quite simply, it is the best, most comprehensive, and the fairest website on the development of Jihad within a historical context.

Look carefully at the side bars for a thoroughly intelligent discussion of jihadist activity since 622 A.D. There is the 700 year-long struggle by Christian Spaniards to liberate their country from the invading Muslims. The Reconquista was probably the most successful action in history to roll back the tide of radical Islam. Also, the section on the Crusades presents those wars in an accurate, but seldom voiced, perspective. Indeed, they were a defensive war that stopped militant Islam in its tracks for 200 years. The Crusades also bought Europe time to develop its technological might over Islam. The section on the siege of Vienna in 1683 is a story most Americans have never heard and certainly do not understand as to its importance. It was Jan Sobieski, the King of Poland, who led a Polish-German coalition of 30,000 knights and men-at-arms to the rescue of besieged Vienna.

This website is a history lover’s paradise. And we must all become conversant with the history of Jihad if we are to defeat radical Islam. Remember the warning of George Santanya, “Those who do not learn the lessons of history, are doomed to repeat them.”

This is a five-star website.

In hoc signo,



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