Fellow Infidels,

Constantine is very upset about the Obama administration’s decision to engage in discussions with the Muslim Brotherhood.  You should be too… Burkasrugly

A few days ago the Obama administration announced that our State Department would engage in limited discussions with the Muslim Brotherhood. There is even a photo of Obama holding the Muslim Brotherhood seal with a fawning, smiling, sycophantic Hillary Clinton applauding enthusiastically in the background.

Have either of them ever read and truly understood the Muslim Brotherhood motto ?

Allah is our objective.
The Prophet is our leader.
The Qur’an is our law.
Jihad is our way.
Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.

The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) promotes violence, follows a mass murderer, a rapist, misogynist and a pedophile in the person of Mohammed, and engages in a calculated theology of killing and conquest, All of which is designed to usher in a barbaric, uncivilized code of law (totally antithetical to the Bill of Rights) known as Shariah, which is binding on Muslim and non-Muslim alike. The Obama-Hillary axis are acting to give the MB legitimacy in the arena of international diplomacy.

Does Obama not get it? If he is so stupid, he certainly does not deserve to be President.

Robert Spencer has  advanced a much more plausible theory about Barack Hussein Obama. One, Obama is a Muslim masquerading as a Christian. Worse than the birth certificate controversy is the baptismal certificate controversy, he has never produced a baptismal certificate which is the central rite of entrance into ALL Christian churches.

Or two, Barack Hussein Obama is an amoral dhimmi who is actually furthering the aims of radical Islam by every word he speaks and every action he carries out. Consistently Obama has acted  against Israel and for the worldwide goals  of the Brotherhood. Obama is no friend of the Christian minorities of the Mid-East. We are indeed at a tipping point in that troubled region. Obama is tossing the Jews and the Coptic Christians to the ravenous Islamic wolves of the Muslim Brotherhood. Nary a world has he spoken in defense of the Black Christians of the Nuba Mountains in the Sudan who are being slaughtered nor the Assyrian Christians of Iraq even as I write this column.

So whether he is a Muslim makes absolutely no difference. He coherently acts in accord with the goals of radical Islam. By their fruits (actions) you shall know them. Obama is producing a bumper crop of radical Islamic fruit.

Now we must organize to defeat Obama and his minions in 2012.

Join Act! for America today. Volunteer to organize a chapter if one does not exist in your area. Act now to protect the U.S. Constitution from the encroachment of Shariah.

In hoc signo (In this sign),



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3 Responses to Outrage

  1. bill spence says:

    I met several of you at the VIP Luncheon in Memphis. If I knew your name, I may have met you as I made it a point to try to meet all the people from Arkansaw, especially you Jonesboro patriots.

  2. bill spence says:

    Thanks for this post. You people in Jonesboro have a good chapter and are doing a GREAT job of getting the word out.
    God Bless You,
    Bill J. Spence
    Memphis, TN. chapter

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