ACT! for America IS A Human Rights Organization

Fellow Infidels,
Constantine has a great blog about ACT! for America.  Enjoy.  Burkasrugly
ACT! for America is not a racist, hatemongering, Islamophobic, bigoted organization.  In fact, if you look at the values we believe, you will discover exactly the opposite.
First of all, we are non-partisan.  Our membership is open to liberals or conservatives, Democrats or Republicans, heterosexuals or homosexuals, women or men.  We have no religious test for affiliation.  Our membership is composed of Jews, Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, and yes, even atheists. We believe in the best of the Judeo-Christian culture.  We believe in the following human rights:
*Every person has the unfettered right to practice whatever religion they so desire.
*Every person has the right to change their religion without fear of death or coercion.
*Every human being, male or female, has the right to be treated equally.
*No person is required to be the slave of another person under any circumstance.  PERIOD!!!
No person shall suffer any horrendous religious imposed punishment such as stoning,  crucifixition, hanging, decapitation or amputations of limbs.  The power of any religion is purely persuasive, not tyrannically imposed by a minority of religious fanatics.
No woman should suffer any form of female genital mutilation of her sexual organs imposed by a male chauvinist, misogynist regime.  PERIOD!!!
It is not a crime to question or reject any religious book, especially the Koran.  Blasphemy cannot be considered a serious crime.  Especially when hurtful things are said about any religious figure.  All freedom of speech, particularly offensive speech, must be safeguarded.
The hanging and torture of homosexuals must be stopped immediately!  While there are vast differences of opinions on the homosexual lifestyle, the death penalty is not an appropriate penalty for this conduct.
When there are Jewish synagogues, Protestant and Catholic churches in  Mecca; when Bibles or Torahs can be openly carried in Iran, and when crosses or stars of David can be openly displayed and worn in Saudi Arabia; when Hindu and Sikh temples are allowed in Pakistan; then, and only then, will the Islamic world conform to the modern era.
Meanwhile, the Golden Rule (which is found in every religion other than Islam) will remain the idealized code of conduct for ACT! for America members.  Militant, radical Islamists who hate Buddhists, Sikhs, Confucians, Hindus, Jews  and Christians, are the real bigots who institutionalize their hatred in the rabid legal code known as Sharia.
In hoc signo,

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