Wasting Half Of Your Intellectual Capital

Constantine stands up for women in his latest installment.  Burkasrugly

Constantine has noted of late that there have been many articles explaining
why Islamic culture is so backward and poverty-stricken. Although the situation is somewhat complex, one glaring fact has been overlooked. Islam throws away half of its intellectual capital. Women and their potential intellectual capabilities are wasted in a misogynist male dominated culture.

Women in Islam serve three functions. First, they simply serve as baby factories in the burgeoning, perpetual population explosion called Islam. The average number of children per Muslim women is 6.50. Couple this with Muslim men having four or more wives in a male life time and you have serious reproduction going on. The late Osama bin Ladin was one of fifty-seven children. Osama had twenty-nine of his own children. Two generations of bin Ladins produced 86 offspring. How do you as father give quality time to 57 children? The short answer is you don’t. I am not sure Osama’s father could even name all of his children.

Secondly, women serve to provide selfish sexual satisfaction to men. Women cannot refuse sex to their husband. The husband has right to sex on demand. The “Honey I’ve got a headache tonight” excuse doesn’t work in Islam. Also, the husband can legally have concubines (a nice name for sex slaves) plus temporary marriages as short as one night. In addition, FMG (female genital mutilation) is far too common in Islam. Every year tens of thousands of women succumb to all types of infections from clitorectomies performed with broken glass, rusty razor blades and even the lids on tin cans. We must in the West demand an end to this barbaric dehumanizing practice.

Thirdly, in Islam women are treated little better than beasts. Ahmed can sit around in the tea shop all day discussing the finer points of Allah’s Sharia Law because all of his wives and female relatives are doing difficult, demeaning work. Women in Islam rarely have an opportunity to receive an education. The illiteracy rate in Islamic cultures often approaches 60% of all adult women.

We must find some way in the Middle East to unlock the potential of women to become truly productive members of society. If by some strange Allah driven fiat women in America were treated like Islamic women the results would be catastrophic. Gross National Product would drop by 50% Suddenly there would crippling shortages of teachers, doctors, lawyers, and especially nurses. In short our society would cease to function. We would in ten years look, well, like the Middle East.

This what happens when you throw away half the intellectual capital of a country.

In hoc signo,



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