ACT! for America “Citizens In Action” Report

Fellow Infidels,

Patriot Girl recently attended a “Citizens in Action” conference sponsored by ACT! for America. She shares her report below:

Several of us recently wisely spent time and money to attend a seminar sponsored by ACT! for America. The “Citizens in Action” conference, a one-day program, was led by Bridgette Gabrielle and other professional enablers.  We were impressed by the credentials of the team.  Nine sessions covered “understanding the basics of radical Islam” to how to get involved in taking action if that is what one decides to do. For general information, inspiration, practical details for strategic planning with a group. Or, to meet other people with mutual interests and concerns – we heartily endorse attending an Act! for America conference.

ACT! For America believes that solid education on the issue of radical Islam, as well as very real activism, is the best way to stop radical Islam (creeping Sharia Law) in the United States. We agree.  As we have become extremely concerned, we feel it is our duty to become educated.  If we become activists (a new role) we want to understand the most effective way to be involved.

As Christian Americans worried about the impact of possible change on our future, we pray that our country remains free and tolerant of other religions, but not so politically correct that we allow ourselves to live unaware of the dangers of some ideologies.  We do not want the United States of America to become like other countries and be insidiously taken over by Islam or any other threat to our freedoms.

God Bless America,

Patriot Girl


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