Four Ways to Order “Shariah: Threat To America”

Fellow Infidels,

Constantine has information about a very important book – that you can obtain for free!

Frank Gaffney and his illustrious company of writers have produced the definitive work on Shariah and its insidious threat to the American legal system and to the larger society. Published in 2010 by the Center for Security Policy, Gaffney and associates are so eager to get the word out on the Western culture destroying Shariah that they are literally giving the book away. It can be downloaded in PDF form. Simply go to the website: and follow instructions to download the 270 page book. It is absolutely free. You simply supply the paper and ink.
A second option is to download the short course. Once again, go to: However this time, go to the Short Course and click on the title. You will be taken to an abbreviated version of Shariah the Threat and the History of the Muslim Brotherhood. You still get all 17 Chapters, but in a shortened form. This form is also totally free of charge.
You can also purchase the book on for $14.00 a copy. The book does qualify for free shipping if combined with other orders that total $25.00.
The fourth method is to download the book to your Kindle, iPhone, iPad or electronic reader. Again, simply go to the Kindle section of Download the book for $2.99 and you will be reading it one minute later.
I urge every member of Act for American to obtain a copy of this seminal work and then read it, re-read it and read it again. To neglect “Shariah: Threat to America” is the height of folly. To have this tremendous knowledge at our finger tips is the first step to winning the war.
In hoc signo;


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