Jihad Has Been Declared on America, Citizens Organize

Fellow Infidels,

ACT! for America chapters are popping up all over the nation.  Here is a story chronicling citizens’ efforts to organize and educate people about the dangers of radical Islam.  It actually appeared in a newspaper from a neighboring state.  The name has been changed to protect the innocent from Islamic terror and threats.  We will call him “Pack Mule.”

“Jihad has been declared on America!”

Does that statement evoke any fear or concern among residents and should information be available to alert Americans to this threat?

A local effort to alert and provide the public with information about this growing threat has begun said Pack Mule.  He has met with some friends and other concerned county residents.

“I don’t see this as an immediate threat, but I’m very concerned about what my grandchildren and their generation will face,” he said.

Pack Mule provided information from ACT! For America, a nationwide organization of concerned Americans who want to be informed to inform others, and who are uniting together to speak out against and resist the rising tide of Islamofascism.  The organization is concerned with “political correctness” that excuses it, dismisses it or blames America for it.  Through the network of local chapters, combined with the power of internet communication ACT! for America is rolling back the tide of Islamofascism  in many ways. 

This includes education about the strategies of Islamofacism; distributing legislative voting records and policy positions of elected officials; monitoring school courses (at all levels); and the training seminars on civic action against this.

ACT! For America believes Hamas terror cells exist in dozens of cities across America, secretive training compounds are on American soil; mosques in America preach and distribute materials that call for Jihad and espouse hatred of “infidels” and advocate the overthrow of American government to be replaced by strict Islamic Sharia Law.

Co-founder of the organization is Bridgette Gabrielle, who grew up in Lebanon and witnessed how her home was destroyed by radical Muslims.  She and her family lived in a bomb shelter for seven years before coming to America.  She cited mainstream Muslim organizations in America are “fronts” for the Muslim Brotherhood.

In their pamphlet, a statement by Omar Ahmad, founder of CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations says:

“Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant.  The Koran should be the highest authority in America.”

Burkasrugly wishes Pack Mule the best of luck with the chapter.

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One Response to Jihad Has Been Declared on America, Citizens Organize

  1. Josh says:

    Nothing can be done. The only thing worse in the US than being a terrorists is being an Islamaphobe. Politicians won’t touch the issue.

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