Another Taqiyya Lie Revealed

Here is the latest from Constantine:

Just last week I heard a highly respected Imam categorically state, “Islam has never spread by the sword.” Unfortunately as a Christian I have to admit that on occasions Christianity has engaged in forceful conversions. It is always wrong to use those kinds of coercive threats to convert people to Christianity. And when Christians have taken those actions it has been totally contrary to the spirit of Christ.
But to say Islam has never used the sword to spread its message is disingenuous. For a moment let us explore what the Imam is really saying in this context. As Jews and Christians (People of the Book) we have three options when confronted by militant Islam. We can on a voluntary basis convert to Islam. Or we can become a dhimmi, pay the jizya (protection tax) and give up most of our religious liberties. Yet, this second option still leaves us as Christians with a much truncated practice of our faith. The third option is we can choose to die at the hands of our Islamic masters.
Death could come in the form of decapitation, stoning, crucifixion, hanging or being thrown off a cliff. Have you ever seen a dead person convert to another religious outlook? Of course not, it is impossible! So in one sense it is true that Islam has not spread by the sword. The Imam is technically correct. People who have been killed by the sword don’t have the option any longer of conversion. The Iman is engaging in verbal trickery or Taqiyya. Taqiyya is a time honored Muslim tactic of lying for Allah, Mohammed and the protection of Islamic practices.
What the Imam carefully avoided saying is that Islam from almost Day One has been spread by the threat of the sword. Islam has killed conservatively an estimated 270 million people in the last 1400 years. This number dwarfs the 40 million killed by Hitler and Tojo in the Second World War.
But remember “Islam has never been spread by the sword”. Just keep repeating this vile hunk of politically correct garbage to yourself until your dead body is tossed on the heap of countless victims of murderous radical Islam.
To be fore warned is to be fore armed. We will have a fighting chance only if we understand the tactics of this rapacious and savage enemy.
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2 Responses to Another Taqiyya Lie Revealed

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  2. loopyloo305 says:

    Unfortunately, many in our Churches are trying to accommodate Islam, and it simply is not possible for the two to combine. They do not seem to understand the danger that they are putting their followers in by even trying.

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