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I Read Your Book

Fellow Infidels, Constantine points out the value of knowing the enemy. There is a great scene in the movie “Patton” where George Patton wins his first victory over the German General Rommel. Patton  states, “Rommel, you magnificent bas#!@*, I read … Continue reading

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Back To The Future

Fellow Infidels, Constantine has some great ideas on how America can get off of foreign oil. When Constantine was a young man in 1973, the original Arab oil boycott was imposed on Americans by OPEC. The Yom Kippur War was a … Continue reading

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A Theology Of War

Fellow Infidels, Constantine has done it again….here is his latest: The illustrious Robert Spencer  has said Islam is the only world religion that has a formulated theory of war. (It is also the only world religion that does not have … Continue reading

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Netanyahu Hits Grand Slam; Obama Fouls Out

Fellow Infidels, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave a wonderful speech earlier this week in front of a joint session of Congress. The speech was a grand slam.  Netanyahu’s superior stature as a world leader was extremely obvious, especially when compared to Obama’s apparent lack of … Continue reading

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Four Ways to Order “Shariah: Threat To America”

Fellow Infidels, Constantine has information about a very important book – that you can obtain for free! Frank Gaffney and his illustrious company of writers have produced the definitive work on Shariah and its insidious threat to the American legal … Continue reading

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Jihad Has Been Declared on America, Citizens Organize

Fellow Infidels, ACT! for America chapters are popping up all over the nation.  Here is a story chronicling citizens’ efforts to organize and educate people about the dangers of radical Islam.  It actually appeared in a newspaper from a neighboring state.  … Continue reading

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A Benefit Of Middle East Revolt

Fellow infidels, Guest blogger Michael Anderson has submitted this for your reading pleasure.  You can read more from Mr. Anderson here: Burkasrugly   ACT: A benefit of Middle East revolt “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil.  … Continue reading

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