The Camel’s Nose

There is a fable told to this very day in Saudi Arabia called The Camel’s Nose. The desert is very hot in the day time, but after sunset the temperature can plummet. With this understanding, centuries ago a poor Arab was in his tent on a bitterly cold night. About midnight his camel pushed his nose into the tent. The Camel said to the Arab, “It’s so cold outside. Can I just put my nose into this nice warm tent”. The Arab assented and promptly went back to sleep.
A little later the Camel asked, “It is so terribly cold. Could I just put the rest of my head into your tent”. The kindly Arab said, “Yes that will be just fine.”
Later, that night the Camel asked the Arab again, “It’s freezing out here. Would it be alright if I eased my neck into your nice warm tent?” Once more the Arab taking pity on the Camel agreed to the dromedary’s request.
The next time the Arab awoke he was lying shivering on the frigid desert sand and the Camel had complete possession of the tent. The Camel, after he had entered, kicked the Arab out of his own tent.
The moral of this fable expresses a great truth. It is a wise rule to resist the very beginnings of evil.
Sharia Law is just like the Camel. It comes knocking on our door and saying, “Sharia is only concerned with rules about how we worship and what we eat. What could be more harmless?” So we allow Sharia to enter the front door of America. After all, we believe in freedom of worship. And as we have been told numerous times Sharia is actually compatible with the U.S. Constitution. (If you believe this I have bridge I’ll be glad to sell you in Brooklyn.) 
But just like a venomous serpent it slowly, steadily, slithers into our presence. If we are not careful in another ten years we will have full-fledged Sharia in the United States. Death penalties will be exacted for apostasy, blasphemy and adultery. Homosexuals will be killed in the most heinous fashion. Female genital mutilation will become common place. The whole panoply of brutal Sharia punishments will be enacted and we will be powerless to stop these Islamic tyrants. As dhimmis we will be totally disarmed.
Don’t let that Sharia Camel have the first inch, because he soon will take a mile.
Resist evil at the very beginning of its insidious germination.
 In hoc signo,



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