An Aesop Fable Redux

Fellow Infidels….a post by Constantine –

All of us are familiar with Aesop’s Fables from our childhood years. One of my favorites is the Farmer and the Snake.
In the winter of ancient Greece a Farmer found a frozen snake on a cold day. Feeling sorry for the serpent the Farmer carried the Snake into his warm cottage. Slowly the Snake revived in the warmth of the home. The fully reanimated Snake reverted to its natural instinct. The poisonous viper struck his benefactor, the Farmer. Soon thereafter the expiring Farmer stated with his dying breath, “I am rightly served for pitying a scoundrel.”
The moral of the story is that the greatest kindness will not have any effect upon the ungrateful.
This fable is a modern parable of the consequences of admitting radical Islamists into our society. Instead of coming to the USA and enjoying the freedom we provide for everyone
they are here to subvert our Constitution. Declaring Sharia to be a superior form of Allah given law their declared goal is make America an Islamic society governed by full fledged Sharia.
A Sudanese Christian friend of mine compares Sharia to a slithering, stealthy cobra slowly invading one’s home unnoticed. When discovered the cobra delivers a deadly strike to its victim and crawls away to find a new habitation to begin its poisonous work anew.
Toleration of the intolerant always means suicide for the culture.
We are under no compulsion to assist radical Islamists destroy Western Civilization. Their values are anathema to our culture.
Don’t befriend poisonous snakes. When you see a snake, kill it.
In hoc signo,


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