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The Camel’s Nose

There is a fable told to this very day in Saudi Arabia called The Camel’s Nose. The desert is very hot in the day time, but after sunset the temperature can plummet. With this understanding, centuries ago a poor Arab … Continue reading

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An Aesop Fable Redux

Fellow Infidels….a post by Constantine – All of us are familiar with Aesop’s Fables from our childhood years. One of my favorites is the Farmer and the Snake.   In the winter of ancient Greece a Farmer found a frozen … Continue reading

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Ann Barnhardt Makes Bacon Bookmarks For The Koran

Fellow infidels, If you have been waiting for someone with some testicular fortitude who calls a dhimmi a dhimmi, then look no farther.  Ann Barnhardt doesn’t back down from Senator Lindsey Graham who recently had some interesting things to say about … Continue reading

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Convenience Store Jihad

Convenience stores are the ideal venue for militant Islamists to illegally raise funds for jihadist activities. First of all, radical Muslims do not obey any legal system but Sharia. Sharia encourages them to steal and defraud non-Muslims for financial gain and … Continue reading

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