Islam And Human Rights: Never The Twain Shall Meet

Fellow infidels,

Recently, the Organization of Islamic Congress forced a resolution through the United Nations Human Rights Council denouncing  “defamation of religions.” Translated, this means that they do not want anyone to tell the truth about the horrendous human rights violations that occur in Islamic countries under Sharia Law. 

They will kill you if you point out that stonings, beheadings, amputations, etc., are not in line with human rights. I can’t imagine how the leaders of those Islamic countries can keep a straight face when they address the U.N. Human Rights Council, especially since they know these abuses are everyday occurrences in their countries.

Of course, it is hunkey-dorey for them to commit blasphemy against Jesus Christ by saying He was just another Islamic prophet and that He did not die on the cross for sinners.

Islamists do not respect ANY other religion, yet they want to force everyone in the world to accept Islam as the only recognized religion on Earth.  Sorry, guys, it doesn’t work that way. 

You will enjoy this video with Pat Condell as he speaks about the U.N. Human Rights Council and the OIC.

Pat Condell videos should be required viewing in the White House and the British Parliament, and anywhere else that the truth needs to be told (the Middle East, maybe?) At least he has the cajones to say what needs to be said – which is not what is happening very much around the world.

It never ceases to amaze me that some people want to live their lives as Islamic slaves, which are known as “dhimmis.” Why aren’t the Left-wingers crying out about all the human rights violations in the Islamic countries?  Probably because they are too busy making up stories about the “terrible” things the United States is doing.  Left wing socialists singularly fail to address the extreme anti-progressive nature of political Islam.

As Condell points out, women are particularly singled out for mistreatment under Islamic Sharia Law.  Whomever denies this is either a liar, or has not studied Sharia Law.  I can tell you that unless a woman has completely lost her mind, is scared to death to defy anyone, or is brainwashed (and this is probably the case, as radical Islam uses brainwashing techniques on its victims….er, I mean adherents), she will NOT want to put up with the bullcrap that Islamists dish out to them.  By the way, what is up with radical (or maybe not so radical) Muslims stating that burkas are “freeing” to women?

It is beyond ridiculous that the Islamic world is scolding the rest of the world about human rights. Before they can criticize others on this issue, they need to learn what human rights are. 

Until next time,

 Burkasrugly (they really are)


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