Anjem Choudary and the Muslim Day of Rage

March 3 has been designated the Muslim Day of Rage by that great muslim holy man, Anjem Choudary. Mr. Choudary, a British citizen, is proposing coming to Washington on that day to urge the adoption of Sharia law for America (fat chance). He has prophesied that the flag of Islam will soon fly over the Capitol. In addition he believes that Americans will embrace Sharia with open arms.
Think for a moment if some Christian leader had advocated a Christian Day of Rage. The liberal media would have a field day of denunciation. Why this shows just how crazy and blood thirsty Christians really are. Fox News must be behind this madness. The Jews are manipulating the Christian in hopes of sparking a violent incident. Sean Hannity, Glen Beck and Ann Coulter are conspiring to back this movement. Christians are dumb, stupid, racist and bigoted. The Tea Party must be involved also.
Why do Muslims always get a pass from the liberal elites? A Muslim Day of Rage what does this imply? Common sense dictates that the very title is dangerous and outrageous. Muslims need to have the same standards of decorum applied to them that are required of everyone else. They need to give up their dreams of Islamic superiority. After all wasn’t World War II fought to defeat the idea of a Master Race and to save the world from tyranny?
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