Choudary Wants To Force American Women To Wear Burkas

Fellow infidels,

The devil with the British accent has escaped the loony bin again.  Muslim cleric Anjem Choudary, who has said that all women, even non-Muslim women, should wear burkas, is planning a Muslim “Day of Rage” at the White House on March 3.  He is the same Muslim cleric that said that the Islamic flag would fly over the White House.

In this interview with Gretchen Carlson on Fox and Friends this morning, Choudary tells her that Islam(Sharia) is “an alternative to freedom, democracy, and man-made law.” 

Does he really think that Americans are going to turn their back on freedom and democracy, and agree to live under Sharia law?

Choudary tried to avoid answering questions about his radical views that were posed by Sean Hannity last week, but Hannity would have none of it, and ended up telling Choudary he was “one sick, miserable SOB.” 

Choudary should not be preaching to others about how to live.  He advocates Sharia, that evil system of laws that allows for all types of horrible torture and death including, but not limited to stonings, beheadings, acid attacks on women, and on, and on, and on ad nauseum.  Also, as reported in the Mail Online, in his college days Choudary was a pot smoking, beer drinking, pornography peruser.  He is about as irritating as a former smoker who wants to force his newfound way of living upon others.

I think I can speak for the vast number of Americans when I say, Mr. Choudary, if you are reading this, take your Sharia and SHOVE IT!

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