Multiculturalism Is Code For "Slavery To Islam"

Fellow infidels,

Slavery was abolished in America 150 years ago.  However, radical Islam is making great strides in bringing slavery back on a worldwide scale, mainly thorough violence and intimidation.  Our political leaders have sold out to the Marxist idea of “multiculturalism” and the result has been an emboldening of radical Islamic jihadists who want the whole world to submit to Sharia law via a global caliphate.  In Europe, the sickening display of bowing and scraping to radical Islam by multicultural elitists has been going on for years, now culminating in destruction of much of Europe’s cultural identity.  In my last post I pointed out that several of Europe’s leaders are exhibiting some real backbone in challenging this attack on their culture.  Pat Condell had a few words to say about what Great Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron said about multiculturalism:

Condell is right on the money when he says that multiculturalism would be good if everyone was equally respected and mutually enriched.  Instead, multiculturalism is just a fake word that has a fake meaning that provides cover for its true meaning – the promotion of everything Islam.  The spineless appeasers who lower themselves to the status of dhimmi deserve their self-imposed slave status.  But the rest of us who appreciate freedom and liberty will continue to dig in and fight this evil of radical Islam.

A culture who stones women to death for being raped, beheads infidels, cuts off the hands of thieves, tortures and murders gays, etc., is significantly inferior to a culture based upon Christianity.  The two cannot find common ground.

I have to give a big thumbs up to Sarkozy, Merkel, and Cameron for finally saying what needed to be said a long time ago, although it might be too late for Europe.  I pray that it is not.  They are our cultural brothers and sisters.  America saved your butt once in WWII, and we may have to do it again.

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