Muslim Student Association Conference Exposes Radicals

Fellow Infidels,

The recent Muslim Student Association western conference at UCLA confirmed what we already knew – that the MSA is a radical and dangerous organization. Pajamas Media did a terrific job exposing the group’s terrorist problem.  In a post on Atlas Shrugs, one of many informants who infiltrated the meeting calling himself “Hogrider,” reported some disturbing things that were said during this conference.

The operative attended several sessions, but the most disturbing was the Main Session VI – What Will Your Impact Be?  Hogrider reported that the speaker during this session said that  the MSA has to take over the campuses and take the pressure off the Musajal  (the enrolling, or the missionary work of the Imams).   In other words, they are looking for converts on campus.

Remember, there is a MSA on the campus of Arkansas State University.  What makes anyone think that they are not radical?  Maybe your children or grandchildren are attending ASU.  Do you want them to be exposed to such a radical organization?  If you are an ASU donor, maybe you should reconsider if they continue to allow this radical organization on campus.  They recently began a “Come Home…To Islam Series” on campus, and its purpose probably ain’t to preach to the choir. 

Hogrider also notes that the speaker said that Islam will prevail over all religions, and that “the American Empire is falling because of corrupt rich corporations that are robbing the government blind and because of the money for the war effort.”  The speaker also said that “Muslims are used as scapegoats, just as the Times Square bomber, which was fake.”  At this point , Hogrider said that he was very disturbed at the extreme rhetoric:

“The message here was so militant, that I became very disturbed.  There was a lot of “Allahu Akbar” being shouted throughout Amir’s presentation.  At the very end, he then said, “Let’s all pledge allegiance”, I looked around for a flag, and was about to stand and then he said, “repeat after me”:  “We’re all for Islam,  Allah is the way, Jihad is the means”, etc. I was so distraught, that I couldn’t write everything down.  This session was by far the most militant and extreme that I encountered the entire weekend. It also had the largest attendance. It was reminiscent of “Deutchland uber alles”.  Very disturbing indeed and made me feel quite helpless. I might add that the presenters were both black converts.”

 Another informant reported to AtlasShrugs that his takeaway from the conference was that “the leaders, both students and older Muslims, are raising an army.” 

These disturbing developments cannot be ignored.  Ignorance is not bliss in the case of radical Muslims.  Ignorance will be America’s downfall. Please let others know by forwarding them this blog.

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