"Tears Of Jihad" Should Be Taught In All American Schools

The Loony Left has a penchant for attacking America mercilessly.  They have brainwashed American children in public schools by leaving out parts of history, or inventing history altogether.  America has done infinitely more good  in the world than these people would ever admit to. 

That is why burkasrugly thinks that there should be a new cirriculum that starts in Kindergarten and goes through college.  The truth should be known about the “Tears of Jihad.”  The Islamic murderers have slaughtered an estimated 270 million people worldwide in their quest for a global caliphate.  Instead of teaching the truth about Muslim aggression that has been going on for fourteen hundred years, the geniuses that are in charge of our educational system make a point of emphasizing the Crusades.  This is not meant in any way to diminish the loss of a single human life, but in comparison to the “Tears of Jihad,” the Crusades were responsible for 9 million deaths, many of them Christian.   So, Muslims are responsible for 30 TIMES the number of deaths than Christians were during the Crusades.  And remember, the Crusades were in part due to the aggression of the Muslims.  To break the numbers down  The “Tears of Jihad” is responsible for this many deaths –

 – 120 million Africans

-60 million Christians

-80 million Hindus

-10 million Buddhists

– and an undetermined number of Jews.

And while we are at it, why don’t we add the part about the Islamic slave trade that is still going on in Africa?  The PC American educators do not want this part of history to be told.  They would never mention the  article by Khaled Abu Toameh entitled “Muslim Genocide of Christians Throughout the Middle East.”

Please don’t hold your breath. You know that truth is the new hate speech, right?

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