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Islam – The Paradigm Of Submission

Despite what Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama have repeatedly told us, Islam does not mean peace.  The word Islam in Arabic means submission.  Islam as submission is the key to understanding the political ideology of the radical Islamists. Let us … Continue reading

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Rep. Peter King: "I Won't Be Intimidated By CAIR"

In this age of political correctness, it is rare for a politician to show real courage.  One such politician is Rep. Peter King from New York.  King is the incoming chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, and he says he … Continue reading

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Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff: Freedom Fighter

Since truth is the new hate speech, it was inevitable that Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, an ACT! for America leader in Austria, would be charged with “hate speech” for telling the truth about radical Islam.  On September 15 of this year, she learned through … Continue reading

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Islamic Minarets Instead Of Christian Steeples?

Driving along the roadways in Jonesboro, AR yesterday morning I felt the calmness  and serenity that one so often feels on a Sunday morning.  Every so often I saw a church steeple and was comforted that we live in a Christian … Continue reading

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The West Must Reject Multiculturalism, Radical Islam

Even though more and more people in the West, particularly America, are aware of the threat of radical Islam, many more need to be educated.  They have been lulled into a false sense of security and/or are convinced that the hateful and … Continue reading

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Apostasy – The Death Penalty

Adherents of Sharia Law often claim that Islam is a religion of toleration.  However, the Koran spells out death for those who voluntarily leave Islam.  The Hadiths (traditions of Mohammed) and the Sira (the life of Mohammed) also command the … Continue reading

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Congressional Muslim Website Down After Fox Investigates

The Congressional Muslim Staffers Association is apparently trying to hide the evidence of their ties to radical Islamists by completely taking down their website.  Creeping Sharia reports that the group took down their entire website after Fox News published an … Continue reading

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