The God We Serve

Someone once remarked that we become in some small measure like the God we worship.  In the Judeo-Christian tradition most of us worship a God who personifies truth, beauty, goodness and forgiveness.  As followers of this God we are challenged to become people who embody these values.  None of us accomplish these goals completely. Indeed, perfection is never achieved in this world.  But some of us do over a period of time become better, nobler persons.  As Jews and Christians we keep before us the twin objectives of the Golden Rule; to love God with our entire being and to love our sisters and brothers in this world as we love ourselves.

Jesus as the founder of Christianity has become the very epitome of love and self-sacrifice for others.  Christians have at times betrayed the ethic of Jesus through violence upon others.  But through doing so they have had to trample the teachings of Jesus beneath their feet.  In fact, they, by their deeds, repudiate the very life and teachings of Jesus.  Most of the humanitarian progress in the West can be traced to the implementation of the Judeo-Christian ethic.

In “radical Islam” we have quite a different situation.  There is no common sense of the unity of all humanity.  There is no Golden Rule.  The world is divided into Muslims and Kafirs.  Muslims treat one another by one standard and the Kafirs (infidels) by a totally different standard.  The word Kafir means filth.  Non-Muslims are considered to be filth, excrement, substances to be avoided at all costs.  Muslims can lie, cheat, steal, terrorize and murder non-Muslims with impunity.  Allah even gives his blessing to such horrible evils visited upon the unbelievers.  It is not even a crime for a Muslim to kill a non-Muslim. Dr. Wafa Sultan, a former Muslim herself, has written a scathing expose of radical Islam, A God Who Hates.  Muslim extremists indeed have become just like their god, Allah.  Allah hates the kafirs and desires their utter destruction.  Mohammed, who becomes like his god, engaged in mind numbing violence against the kafirs.  According to Dr. Bill Warner, Mohammed in the last nine years of his life participated in 27 bloody raids, and ordered 38 more battles and raids.  This is not even counting the numerous executions and assassinations he authorized!  Indeed, Mohammed became just like the god he worshipped.

Constantine is very aware not all Muslims are radical or violent.  In fact, Constantine feels pity for Muslims who must contend with the horrors of Sharia law every day of their lives.  Yet, if only 10% of Muslims are radical we are facing more than 100,000,000 extremists.  This is a larger number than the total armies of Japan, Germany, and Italy during World War II.

Choose the God you will serve. Serve a God of love and forgiveness and you will become like Him.  Serve Allah, a god of hatred and revenge, you will  become like him.  The choice is the most important decision you will ever make.

In hoc signo,



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One Response to The God We Serve

  1. Jon says:

    To make your argument even stronger… Christians were not only to love their “brothers and sisters” (other Christians), but according to Christ a Christian is to love his “neighbor” as himself. “Neighbor” is defined in the context as any one you meet, for example the helpless, beaten and robbed man of the Good Samaritan Parable. Islamic doctrine guides Muslims to care for fellow Muslims, but to despise the kafir.

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