Muslim Student Association Looking For Converts At Arkansas State University

Greetings fellow infidels,

Were you aware that there is a Muslim Student Association on the campus of Arkansas State University? And were you aware that they have just started up a new series of lectures that began tonight at the ASU Student Union?  Here is what was on their website:

Upcoming event!!


If you notice on the bottom left-hand side, you will see a sign that states “Islam Is Your Birthright.”  To whom are they speaking?  If this is a public lecture, then one would assume that they want to have more guests than just the Muslim students who attend ASU.  Is this statement meant for non-Muslims? We all know that college students’ heads are all filled with mush from the things their liberal professors spoon-feed them.  They are just “ripe for the pickin'” for Islamists. Here is their website address if you want to keep abreast of their public lectures   The Islamic Center of Jonesboro also has the lectures in its website.

Also, notice they do not mention the name of the speaker or anyone else involved.  Doesn’t that strike you as odd????  It all seems very shadowy.

It seems quite odd that the Muslim Student Association is not a registered student organization at ASU. Check this out for yourself here.  They are also not listed under Multicultural Affairs.  You can confirm that here.  Many other student organizations are listed on the ASU website.  Why isn’t the MSA?  Who is their advisor?  According to the guidelines that are online at the ASU website, they are required to have an advisor.  Is ASU giving special preferences to the MSA?  Is this a kind of self-imposed Sharia by ASU?


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