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Chad Causey Tied To Islamic Radical

He has been called the most dangerous Islamist in the world, but maybe Chad Causey, candidate for Arkansas 1st Congressional District seat, did not check Fethullah Gulen’s credentials before he allowed him to post his essay on Gulen’s website.  Perhaps he did not … Continue reading

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Muslims Becoming Viewed As Global Schoolyard Bullies

I saw a program on bullying in school tonight on my local television channel.  Kids were enrolled in a class that trained them in ways to resist and possibly stop bullies from picking on them. It reminded me a little … Continue reading

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Muslim Predicts Islamic Flag To Fly Over White House

You can file this under the “they are telling us exactly what they are going to do” file.  On ABC’s This Weekwith Christine Amanpour, Islamist spokesman Muslim Anjem Choudary openly admits that he and other Muslims believe that one day … Continue reading

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Is Sharia Compatible With The U.S. Constitution?

  Right now there is a subtle effort t to establish Sharia law as a parallel legal system here in the United States. Sharia is totally antagonistic to our legal system. Sharia, the sacred law of Muslims, is a comprehensive … Continue reading

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Dhimmis Genuflect To Radical Islamists

“Dhimmi” is a term that everyone should become familiar with.  A Google search will yield over a million hits.  A Dhimmi is a non-Muslim living in a Muslim land.  They are assessed the “jizya,” a tax on infidels that is required … Continue reading

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