Building on Culberhouse In Jonesboro, AR Not A Mosque

Constantine needs to refute a rumor going around Jonesboro, Arkansas.  The building going up at 3701 South Culberhouse Road is not a mosque. If you will notice, the dome now has a cross on top.  This building is the future home of St. Matthew the Evangelist Church.  The website is:  This is a Greek Orthodox Christian Church.

Greek orthodox church on Culberhouse

Greek orthodox church on Culberhouse

Why does it resemble a “mosque?”  The churches throughout the Middle East were originally built in the basilica style.  When the Islamic jihad in the 7th, 8th, and 9th centuries conquered these areas, all the churches were converted into mosques.  All the Christians were either killed or forced to become dhimmis.  Christian places of worship were seized and thus became mosques.  (Does this remind you of the Cordoba mosque at Ground Zero?)

Thousands of Christian places of worship of the basilicia style became mosques.  The most notable example is the Church of St. Sophia in what used to be called Constantinople (literally city of Constantine).  The church and city were renamed after the city fell to the Islamic hordes in 1453.   The city became known as Istanbul and the church became the Blue Mosque.

All it took for the conversion was the slaughter of tens of thousands of Christians and the erection of minarets on the four corners of the former church.

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2 Responses to Building on Culberhouse In Jonesboro, AR Not A Mosque

  1. vakariosz says:

    I do not want to comment the racist content of the article. I just want to notice that among inaccurate data you say that the Haghia Sophia (or Ayasofya) is the same as the Blue Mosque. This is a lie since the separate pieces of art face each other… These are different buildings.

  2. Jacqueline Asher says:

    Thank you so much for clarifying this. I drove over to see how the construction was going last week. It looks just like the little Greek Orthodox that I attended in Glyfada, Greece. I am looking forward to attending.

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