Chad Causey Tied To Islamic Radical

He has been called the most dangerous Islamist in the world, but maybe Chad Causey, candidate for Arkansas 1st Congressional District seat, did not check Fethullah Gulen’s credentials before he allowed him to post his essay on Gulen’s website.  Perhaps he did not have access to the Internet that day.  

Causey also went on an interesting trip to Turkey in 2008.  According to LegiStorm, a website that makes it easy to look up the salaries and financial disclosures of Congressional staffers, the trip was paid for by the Rumi Forum for Interfaith Dialogue.  If you scroll down on their website and look on the right side – bingo!  Guess who they have as their “Honorary President?”  Yep – Fethullah Gulen himself.

It is terrifying to think that a potential U.S. Congressman was not aware of this Islamic radical that has been called the “Turkish Khomeini.”  If his research skills were so poor on this, what else is Mr. Causey in the dark about?  After all, Causey was Congressman Marion Berry’s chief of staff for several years, and he should be on top of these things. Or, to look at another way, did he know about the radical background of Fethullah Gulen and choose to ignore it?  This is a terrifying thought.  Only Mr. Causey knows the answer to this, and someone needs to ask him to explain his rationale.

Apparently, Gulen is some sort of educator, and I use that word loosely. There is a movement to set up “Gulen” schools in America.   According to Jihad Watch,  several countries have outlawed the establishment of Gulen schools and cemaats (communities) within their borders–including Russia and Uzbekistan.  Even the Netherlands, a nation that embraces pluralism and tolerance, has opted to cut funding to the Gulen schools because of their imminent threat to the social order.

These Gulen schools have jumped on the charter school bandwagon, and have co-opted the conservative position on charter schools – i.e. teacher’s unions are bad; charter schools are good.  They are very good at manipulation, but don’t be fooled, they are madrassa schools, which are very  radical.  In the south we say they are “playing both sides against the middle.”

There was even an attempt to start up a Gulen charter school in Springdale, Arkansas, but the state board denied its request, thankfully.  This is a little too close to home.

When Mr. Causey visited Turkey, he should have spoken to people who know about Gulen.  This would not have been hard to do, since he is such a controversial figure. 

In any event, in the words of Ricky Ricardo, Causey has some ‘splainin’ to do.

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6 Responses to Chad Causey Tied To Islamic Radical

  1. Mark Goose Down says:

    More web sites to educate the masses about this Shit head who is taking over the American Education system.

  2. Steve Moore says:

    Chad Causey is out!! Arkansas please be ware that the Walton Family Foundation has donated to this dangerous group of Gulen managed charter school.
    If you work at their headquarters or have family/friends that work there please advise them to not donate any more to these group of schools.

  3. Jacque Martin says:

    Thank you for this information. I am fully researching this movement. Chad Causey is running for the US House in my district – 1st Congressaonal District of Arkansas. I’m going to nail him to the wall on this, but there are many more who took this trip – check out Legistorm. We need to be watching for their rise in politics as well.

  4. WideAwake says:

    Thank you for this great article! I had no clue that Causey is tied to this evil man. Makes you wonder about Congressman Marion Berry, too. Hope that Causey’s opponent can bring this information out into the open ASAP.

  5. Maria Stroll says:

    Thank you for this informative information about the Gulen Movement’s expansionism into the US. Fethullah Gulen’s model of inflitrating: Education, Politics, military, Media and Police is a plan he is carrying out worldwide. This is also the very thing that caused Gulen’s self imposed exile from Turkey and the CURRENT investigation in Turkey of Gulen’s Hizmet and their domination of the ruling party in Turkey (AKP)
    For more information about the fraud and money laundering, free trips to Turkey, etc., of our TAX DOLLARS intended for education but instead going to HB-1 Visas, and trips for people like Causey please visit web sites that have been started by parents, teachers, etc.,
    Please inform other parents and pull your children out of these schools, they are liars. They are not “scholars” and the teachers from Turkey are uncredentialed.
    Arkansas “Act for America” thank you for waking up and denying these schools.
    Don’t let them win. America and our children are worth the fight.

  6. Ashley says:

    This is a great article and reminds us that when it comes to the radical Islam issue many current elected official and candidates know very little about it. As an ACT! for America member we are better informed than most of our elected officials. We must inform them of the dangers that radical Islam poses and educate them on Shariah Law. What they might see as a simple posting of information could actually have dire consequences for Americans but allowing radicals to gain more of a foothold in our government and society. The charter school issue was interesting to read and was an angle that I have not thought about before. I am also in favor of giving parents a choice of where to send their children to school but not at the risk of allowing more schools who preach hate against America into our country.

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