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Review Of ‘Honor Diaries’

Fellow infidels, Below is a review of the documentary “Honor Diaries.”  It will be shown tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. at Barnhill’s Buffet in Jonesboro, AR  at the local ACT! for America meeting. There is no cost to view the film- … Continue reading

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Franklin Graham: We SHOULD Be Afraid Of Sharia

Fellow infidels, In a recent interview Franklin Graham, son of famed pastor Billy Graham, says that Americans should be afraid of Islamic Sharia law.  He also said correctly, that Sharia persecutes those that do not believe in Islam.  He also … Continue reading

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Florida Senate Committee To Consider ALAC

Fellow infidels, We often wonder what we can do…well this time you can do something to help stop sharia law in America..specifically in Florida. It will be very big if we get ALAC passed in Florida. You can send an … Continue reading

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Women’s Rights Under Islam

Fellow infidels, One of the biggest lies told by Muslim men is that they treat their women “like jewels.” Are the following “rights” to be envied and celebrated? Constantine explores this subject – Burkasrugly 1. You have the right to … Continue reading

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“Jesus Is Muslim” Signs Placed By Muslims In Ohio

Fellow infidels, They just keep insulting us….but they do not want the truth told about their so-called religion.  How would you feel if you saw this blasphemous sign prominently displayed in Jonesboro, AR? Disgusted, I hope – Burkasrugly If we tell the truth, … Continue reading

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Florida To Vote On American Laws For American Courts

Fellow infidels, Please read the following important letter concerning ALAC (which we have been trying to get passed in Arkansas).  If you feel compelled, please send an email to the committee. – Burkasrugly The Florida House Civil Justice Subcommittee will consider … Continue reading

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Muslim Immigration Increases Child Abuse (Graphic video)

Fellow infidels, According to the UK version of the International Business Times, it was announced this week that the first prosecutions over cases of female genital mutilation were about to take place in the UK. The government has announced a concerted … Continue reading

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Acid Attack!

Fellow infidels, We do not have to make up lies about the Muslims…they do so many horrible things…including acid attacks on women…that we merely report them.  Even so, for that, those of us who point out their evil are told sometimes … Continue reading

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Swedes Allow Illegal Muslim Immigrants To Rape Citizens

Fellow infidels, Disgusting. Due to the high probability of rape by Muslim immigrants in their country, Swedish women are coloring their hair black instead of leaving it naturally blonde.  Instead of defending the native citizens I suppose the Swedish government will … Continue reading

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A Picture Is Worth A Thousand (Gruesome) Words

Fellow infidels, It pains me greatly to have to publish this horrendous picture, but the world has to be told the truth…that Islam is evil and sadistic, and MUST NOT be appeased.  Muslims DO NOT worship the same God that … Continue reading

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