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URGENT: Dems, Muslim Lawmakers Want US Blasphemy Law

Fellow infidels, Time for patriots, freedom lovers, First Amendment defenders, etc., to unite!  If this legislation is passed, we will NOT beable to speak the truth about Islam.  Get busy calling and emailing your Congressman – In the words of … Continue reading

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Obama Praises Muslims In Easter Message

Fellow infidels, What IS this man thinking? From Atlas Shrugs: Does Obama ever mention Christians or Jews or Hindus when he makes his long-winded Ramadan messages? No. But he’s used his holiday message to Jews to equate the liberation Jews … Continue reading

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Action Alert: Florida Legislature Poised To Vote On ALAC

Fellow infidels, Once more we ask you to send your emails to the legislators if you are so inclined, and/or pass this along to all your contacts.  Thank you – Burkasrugly From the Florida Family Association: The Florida Legislature returns … Continue reading

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Review Of ‘Honor Diaries’

Fellow infidels, Below is a review of the documentary “Honor Diaries.”  It will be shown tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. at Barnhill’s Buffet in Jonesboro, AR  at the local ACT! for America meeting. There is no cost to view the film- … Continue reading

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ACTION ALERT: Stop Billboard Stating ‘Jesus Is Muslim’

Fellow infidels, We cannot stand by while our fellow Americans at CBS Outdoor are helping to destroy our culture, the Christian religion, and our country all for a buck. (See billboard below)  Please send them an email stating your displeasure, … Continue reading

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Israeli Ambassador To UN: Christian Holocaust Is Upon Us

Fellow infidels, Maybe, just maybe, the world is starting to wake up. Gosh, it takes a lot to wake some of these idiots up, though! Burkasrugly Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations has written an Op-Ed piece for the Wall … Continue reading

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Franklin Graham: We SHOULD Be Afraid Of Sharia

Fellow infidels, In a recent interview Franklin Graham, son of famed pastor Billy Graham, says that Americans should be afraid of Islamic Sharia law.  He also said correctly, that Sharia persecutes those that do not believe in Islam.  He also … Continue reading

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A Cure For ‘Islamaphobia’

Fellow infidels, Pat Condell has a cure for ‘Islamaphobia.’ Take a listen – Burkasrugly Until next time, Burkasrugly

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Virginia Legislators Get Earful From ACT! For America

Fellow infidels, We are making headway!  Because of YOU and YOUR emails, the Virginia General Assembly stopped and took notice.  They were forced to see the truth…that they were commending a mosque that has terrorist ties!  Please keep your chins … Continue reading

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Never Forget: Boston Marathon Bombing

Fellow infidels, Never, ever, ever forget what two Muslims did to our brothers and sisters in Boston a year ago today.  Judge Jeanine did one of the best monologues about the incident we have ever seen.  Take a look…and don’t forget … Continue reading

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